Our Community

San Diego District 3

San Diego City Council District 3 includes these great places:

  • Balboa Park
  • Bankers Hill/Park West
  • Downtown
  • Golden Hill
  • Hillcrest
  • Little Italy
  • Middletown
  • Mission Hills
  • Normal Heights
  • North Park
  • Old Town
  • South Park
  • University Heights
Source: City of San Diego
Source: City of San Diego



The neighborhoods of District 3 are at the epicenter of San Diego’s homelessness crisis. As Councilmember, I’ll ensure we’re at the forefront of resolving this crisis. Homelessness has increased as the City has relied on uncoordinated programs and reacted to crises. Instead, San Diego must adopt a comprehensive, proactive plan that will get the homeless into housing and connect them with services.

 An integrated plan is the best way to leverage our local resources to achieve the most efficient and effective results. The Regional Task Force on the Homeless has developed the framework for such a plan. As Councilmember, I’ll work to ensure its timely completion and successful implementation.


The many people in District 3 who love their neighborhood should be able to keep living here. People should also be able to live reasonably close to where they work, reducing commute times and traffic congestion. As Councilmember, I will pursue additional high-quality affordable and middle-income housing.

 We must also ensure that this housing is accessible to those who qualify. As Councilmember, I’ll work to ensure compliance with City ordinances prohibiting unlawful discrimination against people searching for apartments.


A robust San Diego economy benefits everyone. District 3 has dozens of businesses in each of its vibrant neighborhoods including our bustling downtown. These businesses create much-needed jobs for local residents and provide the goods and services we all depend on.

 The City of San Diego should support a healthy business climate by operating in an efficient, transparent, and accountable manner.

As Councilmember, I’ll seek to eliminate unnecessary red tape, provide a clear and reliable regulatory framework conducive to long-term planning, and encourage community-enhancing development of more market rate and affordable housing needed to accommodate our growing workforce.




When people think of San Diego, they imagine sunshine, mild temperatures, beaches, bays, mountains and deserts. Our environment is central to the well-being of San Diego and its residents. As Councilmember, I’ll ensure the City fully implements its Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gases.

The City should achieve less energy and water usage, add renewable energy sources and clean vehicles, increase mass transit and mobility, promote recycling, and grow its tree cover. As Councilmember, I’ll work with our regional agencies to achieve these goals countywide.